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General Maintenance

As an investor protecting his assets, or as a proud homeowner looking for a complete maintenance and emergency response solution, DADDYZ Technical Services L.L.C. is always at your service! Our widely subscribed "Home Care" package offers property owners and tenants a comprehensive array of preventive and reactive maintenance services. Additionally, we supply a wide choice of extra services which may be availed to cater to every requirement as per the clients’ individual preferences.

Facilities Management

DADDYZ Technical Services L.L.C. is at the forefront for developing and maintaining the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its clients’ primary activities, while providing a customized total management solution. Our accurately designed management systems help us in in developing proactive strategies to reduce operation costs and energy consumption, while delivering the best, uncompromised quality services.

Types of Jobs undertaken

Mechanical services

  • Air-conditioning (HVAC).

  • Water cooler

  • Ducting work

  • Cladding

  • Glass panel

  • Fabrication ( MS & Aluminium)

  • Machineries

  • Generators

  • Diesel / Petrol Engines

  • Rotating equipments

  • Appliances

  • Pumps

  • Air Compressor (dry / wet)

    Electrical services

  • Distribution system

  • UPS

  • Generator

  • Stabiliser

  • Frequency convertor

  • Powder coating

  • Galvanising

    Carpentry services

  • Furniture works

  • Wood polishing

  • Upholstery

  • Curtain rods

  • False ceiling

  • Gypsum work

  • Frame work

  • Mirror

    Plumbing services

  • Domestic water system

  • Drainage system

  • Water recycling

  • Irrigation system

    Technical Inspections

  • Property Snagging works

  • Thermgraphic test

  • Calibrations

    BMS operation

  • DDC Panel

  • Low voltage panel

  • VAV and VFD operations

    Security and Access control

  • CCTV

  • DVR

  • Camera

    Fire protection and life safety services

  • Sprinkler system

  • Fire pumps

  • Fire Hydrant

    Cleaning services

  • General cleaning

  • Carpet shampooing

  • Marble polishing

    Waste management services

  • Garbage chute

  • Paper shredding

    Electronic & IT system

  • Data cable pulling

  • Projector system

  • PA System

  • Audio/Videosystem

  • Office set-up

    Natural Energy

  • Solar and Wind power generation

  • Lighting & Panel Installation

  • Maintenance activities

    Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Fully comprehensive package

  • Semi – comprehensive package

  • Non comprehensive package

GAB3500- Manual IP Home Automation Appliance

1.The new appliance for your building control:
The GAB3500 IP Home Automation Appliance automates all tasks for the building control, like acquisition and signalization of the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure and more), as well as the release of switching operations via contacts, relays or similar features. This appliance can be operated in manual mode, time-controlled mode or dependent of documented values. Different scenarios like light, blinds, aeration and household appliances can be controlled using the GAB3500 IP Home Automation Appliance. Right from temperature recording and space heating, control of garden watering, alarm at slightest gas odour and water invasion to the automatic opening and closing of blinds depending on daylight and much more - there are no limits to your ideas!

2. Readily Available via network, internet and smart phone
Wherever you are, the appliance will always remain under your control. Everything is controlled via a PC, notebook or other mobile devices like a smart phone or web pad! It doesn’t matter if these devices are physically available to you or not - you can control and measure it even if they are located in the same building or another continent. The GAB3500 is available via an IP address. Your existing computer network and the internet serve as the medium. The determined values can be triggered via the web browser directly by the device or sent by email periodically. In case of any under or over usage of certain preset limits occurs, the values can be reset in a similar manner. An integrated XML interface is used as external data retrieval via the internet.

3. 3. Individually Adjusted for any Demand
The GAB3500 Home Automation Appliance owns a Linux based Open Source operational system. Therefore, it offers enough free space for own developments and software adaptations directly on the planned application.

4. GPL Declamation
The device includes software published under the GPL. Please refer

5. Interfaces
Following interfaces are available on the GAB3500 IP Home Automation Appliance : Four Sensor Ports (RJ45) for connection of the sensors, actors, relays and much more. Four relays 230V 8A are available for direct switching on of the appliance. Also installed are one serial RS232 console port and one USB 2.0 interface, which can be used to connect a USB storage stick, UMTS/GPRS/GSM USB stick, a plug-wise or EnOne stick.

6. Intelligent Functions and Programming via Switching Matrix
As a function of the determined values, certain actions can be programmed via the software based switching matrix. The adjusted data can be transmitted when exceeding or undercutting the values via email, relay or points can be turned on or off. This can happen uniquely, repeatedly and/ or in certain time intervals as long as the matrix condition exists. Additionally, internal variables are also available.

7. Flexible Installation Possibilities
The externals sensors can be directly plugged on the appliance or distributed or connected via a control line/ structured cabling. All Home Automation products use a simple network cable (RJ45 plug, cat.5) for a deposited connection of the sensors to the appliance. An existing cable network - like own network and telephone cabling - can be used here. The maximum cable length between the appliance and module can add up to 100 meters. The modules will be supplied by the appliance with voltage. A separate power source for single modules in not necessary.

8. Boundless Temperature Acquisition Across Locations
In connection with other GAB3500, but also all other control devices (GAB3418V2, GAB3000, GAB4000, GAB4500/5000), measuring networks can be created which are distributed to different facilities. Every single GAB measuring system are hereby requested via the individual IP address and centrally displayed and stored in GAB 3500.

    Power meter out of the box

  • Power meter for 3 phases

  • Inductive measurement (wires will not destroyed or damaged)

  • Non comprehensive package

  • Integrated web server

  • Connect to Internet and have full information about power consumption

  • Alarm via email after reaching defined power consumption

  • Advanced detection and measurement

    Central operating system

  • Power meter

  • GAS detector

  • Water detector

  • Water consumption

  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Temperature / Humidity monitoring

  • Pet monitoring

    Central operating system

  • Measurement options for temperature, gas, water, power consumption

  • Integrated ethern, wireless lan and usb connection for 3G stick

  • 4 ports for different measurement options

  • Integrated web server.


  • GAB3500 IP Home Automation Appliance

  • 1x Network Cable

  • 1x 230V Connection Cable

  • 1x GAB3006 Temperature Sensor

    Power consumption meter

  • GAB3500 IP Home Automation Appliance

  • Inductive measurement of 3 phases

  • No electrical wires will be damaged

  • Easy to replace or remove

  • measurement accuracy+/-5%

    Water detection

  • Detection for water in rush and water leakage

  • measurement accuracy +/-5%

    GAS detection

  • Detection for GAS

  • Propan

  • Butan

    Water consumption monitor

  • Water consumption on flow rate per unit.

  • Threshold alarm.

    Vehicle monitor

  • Track the vehicle location on the map.

  • Monitor the speed.

  • Notice ignition ON / OFF on color mode.

  • Generate report.

  • Monitor brake and jerk applied by driver.

  • Record KMS.

  • Intimate due for servicing, such as oil change.

Solar System

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